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Hey there chickadees, if you want to help stop unsourced reposted art there is something pretty simple you can do.

  • When you’re in the /search/tag (instead of the tagged/tag) there’s a little white flag on the top right corner of each post. Click that sucker.
  • Then check “This violates Tumblr’s Community Guidelines” and that list will appear.
  • Check “Misattribution or non-attribution” which means it isn’t sourced.
  • The “Ignore url of person you’re flagging” is checked by default. So, uncheck that if you don’t want to ignore them.
  • Hit the orange flag button and you’re done.

It would be awesome if you helped.

And if you want to reblog the art but can’t find the artist’s post or a source, send the picture to me and I’ll help you find it (any fandom whatever I mostly do hijack though). You can link me or send me the picture here.

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